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* Vendors: There is a $25 registration fee that includes a table, two chairs, table cloth, and tent. If you plan to sale your products there will also be a $50 permit fee required but, made payable to City Hall located downtown Columbia TN. This permit fee can be waived if you have a business license and a letter from the director just let us know if it is needed.  

* 3 on 3: All teams must consist of 4 players. Each team is required to pay a $75 registration fee to participate. The deadline to sign up in advanced is May 15th. Participants can sign up the day of for $85. Winners will receive a trophy, cash prize of $400, and Bragging Rights! 

Upon completion, you will receive an email that will include payment details and contact information. Once you submit your form the page will refresh. DO NOT SELECT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE. Thanks!  

- 3 on 3 Basketball

- Business/Food Vendor

- Volunteer 

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